Charity actions

The company ISKER has right to be proud of the fact that it takes very active social position in Atyrau region, participating in young generation nurture and veterans support. On celebration of national and other cultural events, charity meetings with pensioners and children from orphanages are taking place on a regular basis. 

Charity is social and community service based on charity assistance and satisfaction of human needs, performed voluntarily, for free or on favorable terms in the form of philanthropic, sponsorship and patronage activities.

“Consortium “ISKER” LLP provides charity assistance based on goodwill for development of science, education, culture, art, sport mastership, storing of historical and ethno cultural heritage of state and society in accordance with the ROK legislation.

Within the period of 2010—2017 “Consortium “ISKER” LLP provided assistance in total amount of $216 000.

During this mentioned period “Consortium “ISKER” provided the following assistance: to orphans and children remained without parental care, living in orphanages, as well as children with disabilities enrolled in specialized schools; treatment of children with serious diseases; to conduct urban, regional, national and international competitions among young people in various  types of sport; to residents of Aksu district in Almaty region, who got victims of flood; with purpose to realize social projects to support participants and invalids of The Great Patriotic War on the eve of the Victory celebration in the form of material assistance, gifts and organization of a charity dinner; in frames of project “Mother’s home” the Union of entrepreneurs and employers of Atyrau region, central mosque “Imangaly” in Atyrau city, for repair of mosque “Baiterek” in Miyaly village, Mosque “Kuspan Molla” in Atyrau city, for issue of the scientific magazine Eurasian Economic Union “Union Eurasia” on promotion of products to markets of Eurasian Economic Union, to school children for participation in the international competition of children’s creativity Ak-kogershyn in nomination «vocal» in Astana city in frames of international exhibition Expo Astana, For education continuation of school girl in republic  music school for talented children; to Regional specialized (corrective) boarding school for children with impaired hearing (Atyrau city) and Kazakh Blind Association; to repair roof of 13 floor buildings due the  natural disasters in the villages of Makat, Dossor Makat district of Atyrau region; the Corporate Fund “Assistance in the fight against crime Atyrau; to orphans before reaching the age of majority on the housing savings account on the basis of the Memorandum on collective social guardianship of Zhanashyr orphanages.​