Intensive development and expansion of ISKER Consortium with a priority to mitigate the project impact on environment have boosted our choice and implementation of measures for sustainable development

A key role for ISKER – is to find ways to improve our environmental performance index.

Under sustainable development of ISKER, means a way of life which ensures expanded production where keen and particular attention is paid to the interaction between production and environment.

In order to achieve the environmental goals of minimizing the project impact to the lowest possible levels and implement the environmental policy, the company has established environmental inspectorate within Ecology department responsible for meeting environmental regulations, adoption of environmental content for corporate code of conduct, meeting corporate requirements to sustainable use of resources and cooperation with government environmental protection agencies to improve company environmental activities.

ISKER Group regularly holds independent ecological audits, results of which are made available to the public on demand , and necessary information to third parties conducting such audits is provided. Company does not object to and assists in monitoring activities carried out by public organizations and authorized state bodies on the projects where the company is engaged.

All the projects ISKER is engaged in or intends to engage in near future, the project execution plans are rigorously passed through Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Ecological Expertise and permission to start is only given by Top management when all the measures to mitigate any environmental risks are put in place and knowhow technologies are implemented to minimize any environmental project impact.

Company developed and implements a transparent environmental policy aimed at environmental safety assurance.