Client: NCOC
Location: Karabatan, Kazakhstan
Surface Area: 594,000 m2
Completed: 2018
Value: $350,000,000

Project Description

Development of Kashagan field has great value for Kazakhstan in the nearest future and Project EWRP Bolashak plant (NCOC) in frames of North Caspian Project gives powerful impulse for social and economic development of Caspian region. 

EWRP is one of landmark projects of ISKER Group. The Contract that was signed on the 12 November 2012 marked entrance of ISKER into  high-profile projects of particular importance with implementation of all the project sections such as civil works and structures, buildings and premises, HVAC, piping, mechanical equipment, electrical & EIT equipment. Notwithstanding the challenges at stage of designing, procurement and uncontrolled growth of project scope, ISKER was able to perform all its obligations according to the terms of schedule, quality requirements and safety project requirements.

The whole Project was realized by internal resources of ISKER Group in cooperation with subsidiary companies OPPB, West Dala, West Oil, RMS and AEWG. Except manpower ISKER as well has mobilized huge park of construction machinery and equipment, created infrastructure such as camps, canteens, offices, warehouses at the site to ensure the required infrastructural support for the current construction activities. Successful completion of the project allows qualifying ISKER as multidiscipline construction contractor. ISKER hired more than 3 000 full-time employees, part-time workers, and all the resources of equipment on the project. 

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