Charity actions

An important component of the activities of Consortium ISKER LLP is public and charitable events. The company, represented by the founder Tolegen Balgimbayev and the General Director Bekim Balgimbayev, traditionally provides charitable assistance in the development of science, education, culture, art, sports, preserving historical and ethno-cultural heritage of the society and state and participates actively in social life of townspeople. The company pays special attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle of citizens through organizing and holding public sports events such as international basketball competitions, annual marathons, and supports national traditions by participating in organizing and celebrating the national holiday — Nauryz.

The Company community initiates and actively participates in cleaning the territory of their hometown, for example this year employees of the Company Group participated in collecting dead fish on the banks of Ural River. At the same time, the Company participates in improving local public places and city clean-ups through provision of equipment and transport. The above shows the commitment of the company and its employees to the principles of environmental protection. The company bought 4500 tickets to enter the EXPO-2018 exhibition center for the residents of the region. The administration of the Company systematically conducts sports events at the production facilities, thus participating in the social life of rotational settlements.

Moreover, the management of the company directly responds to the appeals of persons belonging to socially vulnerable groups of the population. For example, in 2019, the Company provided charitable assistance for performing surgical operations on children suffering from the Cerebral Palsy disease.

In the period from 2017 to 2019, ISKER Consortium LLP provided charitable assistance to individuals and organizations for a total amount of 45,235,000 tenge. The beneficiaries were as follows:

  • Municipal State-Owned Public Enterprise “Regional team on game sports “Barys Atyrau”, payment for the membership cards in the fitness center for team players for 1 year.
  • РКОО “Basketball federation of Atyrau region” for organizing an international tournament “Nauryz ISKER-2017”.
  • Public Association “Atyrau regional federation of Jujutsu”, for participation of federation students in World Championship in Greece.
  • “Financial Academy” JSC, for the issue of the international scientific journal “EAEU” Eurasia Union.  — Teacher in music school-gymnasium №36 in Atyrau Lukpanova Kulshat Sakenovna, for participation in the XI International Festival — competition of children’s creativity “Aq Kugershіn” in the framework of the “Expo”.
  • PA “Atyrau regional federation of national sports”,for organizing events for national types of equestrian sports in the framework of “EXPO-2017”.
  • РКОО “Basketball federation of Atyrau region”, for organizing school league of ISKER for years 2017-2018.
  • PA “Special Olypmics” for carrying out a floorball tournament in Atyrau, dedicated to the Children’s Day.
  • Makhmetova Zh. B. for the treatment of her husband — an employee of Consortium ISKER LLP – Kartabayev Artur, who was injured due to an accident.
  • MSOPE “Regional team on game sports “Barys Atyrau”, payment for fitness Center membership cards for team players for 1 year.
  • “Uralsk City” LLP, for social project “Improvement and Landscaping of the Atyrau Regional Oncology Center”.
  • PA “Federation of taekwondo and surdo-paralympic taekwondo of the Atyrau region” for organizing and carrying out 1st Asia international tournament KAZAKHSTAN 2018 open taekwondo G1 championships.
  • Private fund “MOLQAT” to organize the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Zhylyoi district.
  • Makhatova Zhanat Sagyngalikyzy, to pay for the education of two daughters.
  • Berikova Sabira Akhmetzhanovna, for the treatment of her daughter Aytolkyn.
  • PA of disabled children of Atyrau “Children’s Order of Mercy”, for surgical operations of children suffering from cerebral palsy (10 children).
  • PA “Federation of taekwondo and surdo-paralympic taekwondo of the Atyrau region, for catering, coffee breaks, banquet for coaches and team representatives on the “V Summer Games” of taekwondo in Atyrau.