Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety

Health and safety of our employees are the highest priority of the Company. In ISKER we are committed to strict compliance with H&S rules.

We believe that any accident may be prevented and for this purpose we take all the necessary reasonable measures to ensure incident and injury free environment.

Safety is provided by means of H&S management systems and compliance with the international standards, as well as taking all reasonable control measures on risk management during the performance of our activities.

On our projects we apply the best health and safety practices and methods. Particular attention is paid to staff development and conducting the relevant trainings. We officially provide every employee with a Stop Work Authority, if they see an unsafe act.

We aim not only for zero injury, but also to ensure that we perform activities in the manner that excludes the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Here are the achievements of ISKER

# Title Description
1 Certificate 10.000.000 man-hours worked without LTI We are proud of this achievement, 10.000.000 man-hours worked out without an LTI at one of our projects on construction of the camp “Orken” in Tengiz. The Certificate was awarded in December 2017.
2 CHESM Grade «A» 2015
CHESM Grade «A» 2016
CHESM Grade «A» 2017
Grade A, is the highest score by Tengizchevroil to its contractors, according to the CHESM program. Consortium ISKER LLP has been awarded with the highest Score for the last 3 years.
3 Certificate of 5.000.000 man hours worked without LTI This significant achievement took place in 2016 at the project on Construction of ORKEN camp project in Tengiz.
4 Diploma the 3rd place in the Republic Competition SENIM under nomination “The best HSE department” Diploma for the 3rd place in Republic Competition “Senim-2016” under nomination “The best HSE department”.
The Republic competition SENIM among employers of ROK established by Labor, social protection and migration committee, Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, supported by Research Institution of Labor Protection and Federation of Trade Unions of RoK.
5 Certificate of 3.000.000 man hours worked without LTI The Certificate was presented to Consortium ISKER LLP by NCOC NV for achievement of 3.000.000 man-hours worked without LTI on EWRP project.
6 Certificate of 2.000.000 man hours worked without LTI The Certificate was presented in 2009 for the achievement by Consortium ISKER LLP for 2.000.000 man hours worked onshore for Kashagan development project under Contract 2007-0846.