Batyr Security

Batyr Security LLP as part of ISKER Group has high potential in sphere of security services provision such as physical security of industrial facilities, warehouses, trade centers, production bases, offices, restaurants, fitness-centers and etc.

We also provide consulting services to Company managers regarding security issues. Business activities of Batyr Security LLP are based on the principles of reliability and professionalism.

We have prevented many attempts of commodity theft as well as other illegal acts and make it possible to keep property and business of our clients safe. Company staff are a well-trained consolidated team that consist of merited professionals of the uniformed service with the experience to carry out security duties.

24 hours’ security service allows to provide permanent control and management by the shifts on duty.

In us you will have a reliable partner providing you with high quality security services competently and in time.

For more information dial +7 (7122) 30-90-01 ext 1004. ​

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