Client: NCOC
Location: Karabatan, Atyrau


ISKER is pleased to announce the successful completion of the NCOC 1 BCMA Tie-in project. This ambitious project requires extensive brownfield changes to the existing infrastructure in order to provide a colossal one billion cubic meters of sour gas from the NCOC OPF to third-party KTG plants.
During the 2021-2022 shutdown, ISKER's scope of work included the 1 BCMA Tie-in connections at the OPF, including the 12" Tie-in on Slug catcher, Flare Tie-In, Closed Drain, Instrument Air, Nitrogen, Electrical Tie-Ins, and many more. The company's expertise and attention to detail allowed for seamless integration of the new facilities with the existing ones, including modifications to existing electrical equipment to supply new electric heaters, installation of new cable support systems, and tie-ins to the 1 BCMA PCSS.
ISKER's dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure the timely completion of the project and exceeded expectations with their top-notch performance. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality work is evident in the successful integration of the 1 BCMA project into the OPF infrastructure, providing a seamless flow of sour gas to the KTG facilities.
We are proud to have played a significant role in the 1 BCMA project and are confident in our ability to execute complex projects like this with the highest level of professionalism and quality. This project is a testament to ISKER's commitment to providing unparalleled engineering, procurement, and construction services, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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