Client: NCOC
Location: Onshore & Offshore (D-Island / Kashagan)


The RGIs Upgrade and Topside Modification (Debottlenecking) project executed by ISKER for NCOC is a true testament to their exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for their clients. This challenging offshore project in the Caspian Sea aimed to increase the raw gas injection capacity at EPC-2 and EPC-3, thus boosting the production of the already impressive Kashagan field.
The project was executed during the NCOC Turnaround window of 2022, which presented a significant challenge. But with the help of critical techniques such as SIMOPS, integration with TA & Turbine works, and 3D Laser Surveys, the experienced ISKER team rose to the occasion, executing the project with precision and efficiency.
One of the biggest hurdles of the project was the presence of high H2S and flammable gas inventory under high pressure. However, ISKER's state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, including the use of Inconel 625 & Inconel 825 Piping and two 500 ton capacity mobile cranes, ensured a safe and successful execution of the project.
ISKER's commitment to HSSE standards was evident throughout the project, from providing a safe haven for personnel during general and toxic alarms, to ensuring the use of 100% PAUT with 100% local manpower. The team worked tirelessly, even in night shifts and hot bedding conditions, to complete the project 30 days in advance, out of the 77-day execution period during the turnaround.
ISKER's successful execution of the Kashagan Bundle 1 project is a testament to their capabilities as a reliable partner in the oil and gas industry. Their dedication to delivering high-quality results, combined with their expertise and commitment to HSSE standards, makes them a truly remarkable company. We are proud to highlight their incredible achievements and contributions to the industry.
Some details: 
— As part of the Kashagan field development, the Kashagan Bundle 1 project is being undertaken to increase Kashagan oil production by further increasing the raw gas injection capacity at EPC-2 (1 well) and EPC-3 (2 wells).
The Scope of this Work consists of the following main activities:
Upgrade of the existing RGI Compressors on Island D: the scope is to replace the casings and re-bundle all three stages of the two (2) existing RGI compression trains at Island D.
Debottlenecking: Removal of Bursting Disks (PSE) on LP Separator PSV inlet lines and Install new single Flanged Spool between PSV inlet and existing Header.
Execution during NCOC Turnaround window 2022
Scope of work includes the following main activities:
Construction engineering 
Barges preparation
Offshore installation work
Mechanical commissioning 
SIMOPS/Integration with TA & Turbine works
Workspace congestion
Significant HSSE challenges 
High H2S and flammable gas inventory under high pressure 
Safe haven for Project personnel during a General Alarm and Toxic Alarm 
Abandonment from offshore facilities 
3D Laser Survey for endorsing the Company As-Builts
1,5 Year Preparation Period for Turnaround Execution Window
Inconel 625 & Inconel 825 Piping at Onshore & offshore up to 48mm pipe thickness
100% PAUT with %100 Local Manpower
2 pieces of 500 ton capacity of Mobile Cranes on Balanced Barges
Blind Lifting with 500 ton capacity Mobile Crane from Barge to Compressor
Replacement of 35 tons of Compressors
Using 7 different Barges for Cranes, Shops and Accommodation
13 days in advance completion out of 77 days execution period during turnaround
Night Shift and Hot Bedding

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