Non-destructive testing

West NDT lab (part of ISKER Group) offers a wide spectrum of NDT services in Caspian region.

Testing Quality Without Harming Samples

Nondestructive Testing is also known as NDT Testing, Non Destructive Examination and NDE Inspection. These test methods can detect surface and sub-surface defects without affecting the operating performance of the inspected products.

Laboratory Testing Inc. can perform nondestructive testing on metals and alloys. Nondestructive Weld Testing methods are also offered to inspect the quality of welds for Welder and Procedure Qualification and to detect corrosion.

West NDT is a fully equipped and accredited testing company located in Atyrau (Kazakhstan).

NDT Testing for Metals & More

West NDT is one of the leading non-destructive test labs in Atyrau and offers a range of capabilities for customers requiring non-destructive testing of materials and finished parts. Even extremely large materials, and the smallest samples, can be tested and inspected:

  • NDT methods are available for inspecting tubing, pipes, bars, plates, castings, fasteners and many other products.
  • LTI also performs non-destructive testing of welds.
  • The layout of our Nondestructive Testing lab and capacities of our equipment allow LTI to inspect materials and parts in all shapes and sizes, as well as orders of almost any quantity.